See who's roaming
around your property.

  • Cameras active by motion
  • Local and cloud-based feed storage
  • Camera access on tablet, TV or desktop
  • Indoor & outdoor camera systems
  • Great at deterring threats
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See who's around your workplace.

Keri Systems is one of the brands we work with to ensure businesses have complete control over who enters the office. Safe Life Security has implemented access control systems in thousands of buildings ranging from police departments to senior homes.

KERI Systems Access Control

Surveillence Rooms

Access control door locks gives you the freedom to remotely lock and unlock your doors without a key. Many options are available including combination locks, wired & wireless remote control, proximity readers, etc.

Ongoing Assurance

Secure your property with a gated access control system. These systems can be integrated with intercoms, telephone access, vehicle identification, keypad security, proximity readers and more.


The Doorbell Fon allows you to answer the doorbell using your home telephone. Talk to your visitors without ever opening your door using the integrated intercom system for added security.