Sunday February 23 , 2020

Residential Security Accessories

Technology continually improves and so does the security equipment and accessories that becomes available. Many of the newer accessories can be used to upgrade and/or expand your existing system. Please contact us if you have any questions about these products.

Control Panels

There is a wide array of programmable control panels to control security and fire alarms. Upgrade or add more control panels to support newer accessories or additional entrances. Upgrades can also support wireless accessories.

Status Panels

Place a status panel in key locations within your home to quickly see the alarm activation status.

Motion Detectors

Infrared detectors easily detect motion within the room and some have pet safeguards to avoid false alarms.

Door/Window Contacts

Easily expand your security system to include more doors and windows with these magnetic contacts. We stock both wired and wireless magnetic contacts.


Adding siren or two is a sure way to get someone’s attention when you need it most.

Glass Breakage Detectors

These devices detect when a glass window is broken in the room. Sensors are available in both wired and wireless.

Water Detection Sensors

This sensor detects when water is present in the home. Perfect for homeowners near flood-prone areas or who leave their home empty during the winter.

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