Saturday January 18 , 2020

Residential Multi Room Audio Systems

Now you can listen to music in every room in your house and outside too. Music sources can be your home entertainment system, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, CD’s, MP3’s and more.

Are you a serious music lover? Then we can setup a centralized music server that stores tens of thousands of songs that can be enjoyed throughout the house. Separate volume controls for each room provide the perfect balance for your listening enjoyment.

Multi Room Systems

Multi-Room System Receivers deliver high-performance sound and are highly configurable. These devices support multiple audio input sources and have multiple zones to control each room individually.

Flush Mount Wall or Ceiling Speakers

Flush mounted wall and ceiling speakers deliver premium sound quality without the look of bulky speakers and exposed wiring.

Individual Room Volume Controls

Stylish audio controls let you adjust the volume of each room individually.

Multi Room Wiring

Our installers can wire your existing home or under construction home for a multi-room audio system. We run all the wiring behind the walls for a finished professional look. We also have a “wiring only” option if you already have existing equipment.

Preferred Vendor Solutions