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Get Insurance Discounts with Central Monitoring


Did you know that you could get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy if your fire & security alarm system is monitored by a central station?

Central station monitoring is a service available through Safe Life Security that enables your home security system to be monitored 24/7 with live staff who can dispatch the police and emergency services when a trouble signal in your system goes off. A monitored security system provides the best solution to help minimize the loss of valuables and/or damage to your home. You can rest a little more easier knowing that your home is being monitored even when you are not there.

Safe Life Security has partnered with Criticom Monitoring Services for it’s fire and intrusion detection monitoring needs. Every new Safe Life Security customer who activates Central Monitoring receives an official Alarm System Monitoring Certificate. This certificate can be submitted to your homeowner’s insurance policy holder for proof of monitoring. Many insurance companies provide discounts of up to 15% for such services. Please contact us for more information.